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thermalviewBy the end of 2019, it’s estimated that 30 Million properties in the UK will have Smart Meters, allowing all of us to access up to the minute information about the energy use in our homes or businesses.

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Charles Hendry: Climate Change Minister – “the benefit of the consumer is at the centre of the programme”

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Conservatories prices UK can vary quite a lot from company to company, and will really depend on the particular design that is ordered.  Having said that, since the early days of Upvc conservatories, the popularity of using them as extensions for homes has significantly increased and, somewhat as a by-product of this popularity, the prices of Upvc conservatories have in many ways become more stable and affordable to the average person.

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sash 3Making the decision to get windows replaced can be an expensive project to take on, and you should be informed about all of the costs associated with choosing new windows, as well as the effect that they will have on your personal home. To lower a home’s utilities many people are resorting to choosing new windows and doors.